I’m Julie and I’ve been selling on eBay for over 10 years. As of this writing I have more than 14,500 eBay transactions and over 8000 feedback. I’m a Top Rated eBay Power Seller, eBay Trading Assistant, eBay University trained Education Specialist and eBay business blogger. Click any of the links below for more information. If you have any specific eBay questions, I truly am happy to answer them, so don’t hesitate to call 603-252-1865 or  send me an email.

Education Specialist~

Would you like to learn how to sell eBay either as a hobby or part-time income? Check out upcoming eBay classes presented one on one by eBay University trained Education Specialist.

ebay education specialist

Trading Assistant~

Do you have items you’d like someone else to sell on eBay for you. Consignment sales by an eBay Trading Assistant may be the perfect solution for you.ebay trading assistant


AuctionMama.com, provides suggestions, tips, hints and answers to questions pertaining to an eBay business; how to sell on eBay, what to sell on eBay, customer service, and everything else about selling on eBay.  




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